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Client Past Life Regressions 

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Tracy's Story

Thank you Darcy for the Past Life Regression session. I did not know what to expect when I met with you for our appointment. I have never been hypnotized and didn’t believe that I could be. It was not a hypnosis that I expected as I had full control over what I was seeing, experiencing and total control of my body and brain. It just enabled the subconscious to come forward with what it needed me to see. The experience that I had in that past life was beyond emotional and explains a lot to me about the life that I am presently living.

You were very patient, explained the process to my satisfaction and answered all of my questions. I could not imagine doing this with anyone else as you quickly earned my trust with the confidence you exuded and your compassion.

Jessica's Story

First, Darcy and her space were so welcoming. I felt at ease as soon as I came in, and it was made only better by getting snuggled into a couple of blankets. We had a chat about my intentions and Darcy let me know how the session would progress. I felt I could easily ask her questions. As we began the process, I enjoyed the feeling of utter relaxation with the world falling away as I moved into a different more core-like part of myself, fully connected with the universe. I was surprised how relaxed I felt and how easy answers came to me without any effort on my part. It was like my inner self was doing the work!


I “awoke” with bare feet firmly planted in sandy soil. When I became aware of myself, I knew I was a young woman in my 20s with darker skin and colourful, flowing clothes. I had shoulder-length black, curly hair. When I looked up, I was immediately aware that I was in India or Nepal. I could see the Himalayan Mountains, and I was on a dirt road. As we moved through major parts of this past life, I found that I worked as sort of an Apprentice to my Grandmother, who was a local Healer and Midwife. I saw myself carrying boxes of herbs and healing tinctures that she made to neighbours’ homes. I saw myself helping others with my touch and my energy. I felt so warm and grounded doing this by her side and alone. A major revelation from this past life was that I am meant to use my energy to help others, and that I do not have to move away from my hometown to do it.


I could feel that the Grandmother in that life was the same essence as my first Grandmother in this life, a woman I was cut off from at the age of 3, and who passed away 6 months after we finally got to meet again in-person in 2019 (when I was 37 and she was 91!). Seeing the two of us working together in such a beautiful way daily in that life healed a part of my heart that felt I had missed out on a relationship with her this time around. I can still feel that connection with her, and I know she is with me now, supporting me from beyond. I was fortunate to be able to experience my own gentle passing in that life through our session, and my Grandmother’s spirit was there to guide me then so I would not be afraid. I felt us floating up above my house and looking out over the landscape toward the mountains. It was such a beautiful experience, and I truly felt it in my heart and can still access it now.


Another incredible healing aspect of my session with Darcy was witnessing myself give birth in that past life. My Grandmother was there with me, supporting me to connect with my body’s wisdom. I birthed with her guidance and love in my small mud hut with dirt floors. As soon as I felt my baby, I knew that it was the spirit of my current oldest son. I held him for hours in that hut, and our connection was so strong. I found myself weeping in that life as well as in this one, my heart so full. In this life, I had a home birth with him, but it was not the same peaceful experience. He was born perfectly healthy, but required a bit of assistance from our Midwife to take his first breath. As a precaution and rule in such cases, he and my husband were taken away quickly by ambulance to get him checked out by a Pediatrician. I did not get to hold him again until I made it to the hospital around 2 hours later. We had a peaceful night together, just the three of us, in a solo hospital room, and I was so focussed on how grateful I was for his health and the skill and love of our Midwife and hospital staff. 


I experienced Post-Partum Depression for a few months after my son’s birth but continued to be reminded how lucky I was for his health. After this Regression session, I did quite a bit of grieving that I did not do in this life. I deeply felt the connection in holding my son after his birth in that past life, looking into his eyes, and just being together in silence, and I realized I had not really felt or processed the loss of those parts in this life. My second home birth in this life was much like the past-life one, and I know there were differences in me afterwards. I was more calm, self-assured, and connected to my baby, and I was not depressed. I told myself that it was all due to it being my second time doing it, but the experience in hypnosis tells me more. It was the time I got to connect to my baby right after he was born with no fear or running around that allowed my heart to fully open. I am so thankful for this Past Life Regression experience to allow me to feel this with my first-born in a way I didn’t get to here. I am also grateful for the opportunity to grieve and forgive myself for some of my reactions after that experience.

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