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What is your purpose in this lifetime...

Life-Between-Lives(LBL) offers the experience of connecting with your Soul prior to its entry into your current incarnation. Exploring the Hall of Records with your Soul Guides and Council of Elders can generate an understanding of why you chose the unique lessons you are learning, challenges you face and your interpersonal relationships. 

About Life Between Lives

When we connect to the Home of Spirit it can bring us great peace, joy and love with the recognition that our Soul is eternal. Understanding why we chose this life can enable us to recognize the fullness of our purpose. ​As we connect more deeply with our Soul we can begin to identify more with our Authentic self and realize our destiny and connection to the life we live.  We have carefully chosen a cast of characters to guide us, challenge us and love us, understanding this can bring richness to our relationships. 

As we learn our connection to our Soul group we can learn how to enhance our strengths, talents, gifts and bring them forth. Our Council of Elders and our Guide provide insight into sacred knowledge we only think we have forgotten to bring more meaning and purpose to our life. 

We have all come with so much love to give and the great possibility of achieving joy, happiness, health and wealth. The closer our relationship to our Soul and dwelling in our authenticity are the keys to life. Accessing these keys to life bring peace and understanding to living the life we have chosen. 

Prior to your session you may wish to formulate a question regarding what you intend to learn. You can also make a list of key people in your life you would like better understanding of your relationship with. It is a good idea to formulate 4 or 5 key questions you would like to ask your Guide or Soul Council. 

The work of Dr. Michael Newton and his books Journey of Souls and Destiny of Souls provide case studies of dozens of clients he facilitated LBL sessions with. Delores Cannon is another wonderful LBL facilitator who has written many books. 

It is recommended that you have two Past Life Regression

sessions prior to a LBL session. Your LBL session

will take 3 to 3.5 hours. 

Sessions are available in person and via Zoom. 

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