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Yoga at Magnolia Wellness

Warrior One

Hatha Flow with Meghan Shanahan Thain

This class will incorporate stretching, strengthening and balancing yoga poses and yoga flows whilepromoting mindfulness, breath and body awareness. The all-levels class is open to everyone, even those who are new to yoga. Modifications are always offered. The class is a well-rounded experience for the body, mind and soul, always ending with a final relaxation. 

Kundalini Restore with  Darcy Arthur

Kundalini yoga is a deeply invigorating practice. It is designed to release stagnant energy and create flow


within the body. This class will feature a Kundalini yoga set to release stress and tone the nervous


system, a restorative wind down that will lead to a deep gong relaxation. 

Kundalini yoga has been the foundation of the studio since it opened and this new class offers a twist to 

traditional Kundalini yoga!


  Students of all levels may participate as well as beginners, all


students are encouraged to practice at their own pace and modifications are


always offered.

Dynamic Flow with Jennifer Wyatt

Inspired by a foundation in Ashtanga, incorporating elements of hatha and vinyasa flows, Dynamic Flow is meant for those who wish to practice from head to toe, stretching and strengthening with these breath-based yoga sequences designed to awaken your mind and body. Leave everything on the mat!

Yin Yoga with Meghan Shanahan Thain

Yin yoga is a quiet and slow-paced practice that targets the body's connective tissues and fascia.

Poses are typically held for 2-5 minutes and may incorporate props.

Meditation and mindfulness are incorporated into each class to encourage stillness and contemplation.

Vinyasa Yoga with Meghan Shanahan Thain

Upbeat hatha and vinyasa flow class meant to challenge the mind, body and spirit.
Best suited for individuals who have practiced yoga before and don't have significant physical limitations.

Traditional Kundalini with  Darcy Arthur

Kundalini yoga is a powerful style to effect change in our nervous system. Kundalini yoga uses breath, mantra, asana and meditation to direct energy through the body via the energy channels. If you have been feeling stagnant, Kundalini yoga can shift your energy and increase the flow of Prana. Clinical studies have shown Kundalini yoga and meditation to work deeply on the nervous system and the brain. Kundalini meditations can increase gray matter in the brain and release neurotransmitters to reduce stress and anxiety. This class will help you build physical, mental and spiritual resilience.

Candlelight Restorative Yoga with  Darcy Arthur

Restorative yoga can elicit profound relaxation. Life is busy, which can tax our nervous system, making it difficult for our parasympathetic nervous system to keep us balanced. Restorative yoga activates the "relaxation response," which allows our nervous system to come into balance. This class, set in a soothing candlelight environment, focuses on poses that promote relaxation and restoration through the use of props that help relieve the effects of chronic stress. Such effects may include weakness and fatigue brought on by the fast-paced activities of our daily lives. Each class will conclude with a healing guided meditation. Props such as blankets bolsters, straps and blocks will be provided for all participants.

Full Moon Gong Meditation with Darcy Arthur

Amplify the energy of the Full Moon with this celestial sound healing. We will shift our minds, bodies and spirits with the healing vibration of the gong and explore the sacred numerology and astrology of the month.   Our ancestors lived by the moon and her phases, these monthly events can strengthen our connection to the cosmos thus restoring our connection to the Earth. After a meditation from the Kundalini tradition, you will lie on your yoga mat, draped in a warm blanket as the waves of sound wash over your body. As our bodies are over 60% water, the sound vibration begins to resonate throughout your body. This has a very healing effect on restoring and strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system as well as moving energy blocks within the body. This creates a flow within you and opens your mind, as your mind opens, limiting thoughts and beliefs in the subconscious mind are released, filling the mind with peace. This peace within you brings the body, mind and spirit into a state of homeostasis. The gong has been used in South Asia for thousands of years for healing. Mat Reservation is required as this event sells out monthly. 

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