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Past Life Regression (PLR) is based on the belief of reincarnation. Our Soul has had many incarnations in many bodies, in other times. Exploring the journey of your soul with PLR can provide deep insights into your current incarnation. For many of us we have connections to other people, places, cultures and time periods we cannot explain. 

About Past Life Regression

Our past lives are closer to the surface than we realize and can have an impact on our behaviors and relationships. Being guided by a professional and experiencing the recall of a past life can be a very powerful experience. Many people have been told of their past lives by psychics or healers, in a PLR hypnosis session you tell your own story as it is revealed to you from your subconscious mind. Working with a certified hypnotist allows your experience to be guided in an emotionally safe way with intentional healing and closure processes. While in hypnosis, after the recall of the past life you will have the opportunity to reflect on what can be brought forth into this lifetime to bring balance, healing and enhance your gifts. 

PLR can be therapeutic, current life issues are often resolved as past life experiences can mirror current challenges, difficulties and relationships.  

PLR can enhance spiritual growth as patterns, beliefs and limitations are resolved, our path and purpose can be revealed. 

PLR can aid in understanding our connection with others. It is not uncommon in a PLR session to recognized key people in your current life as people of significance in past lives. Relationships issues are of primary focus for many people, PLR can bring resolution, healing and forgiveness.

Learning about our strengths, talents and abilities often results in new found confidence and direction by removing fear of failure. Patterns that we repeat can be removed and looked at through the eyes of understanding. 

PLR can provide insight:

  • Why do you like/dislike certain people, places, things

  • Where did the challenges in your life originate

  • What has previously brought  you joy, happiness and success

  • How to cultivate positive change

  • Remove physical and emotional issues through healing and forgiveness

  • Release the fear of death.

  • Remember and recongnize friends, family and soul mates 

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